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Welcome to Andy Gray Counselling

Counselling in Maidstone, Kent

How does Counselling Work?

Counselling is an opportunity to talk through your concerns and difficulties with an experienced, trained counsellor. It is private and confidential.

I offer a 50-minute session on the same day, at the same time and in the same room every week. If there are any changes I will discuss these with you in advance.

I am there to listen and to help you talk about your difficulties as you feel ready to do so. A very important element of counselling is that you work at your own pace.

How soon before I am seen?

I try to offer a service that makes therapy available to all who require it, when they require it.

You will normally be contacted within a few hours
An appointment can be made within a week.
Your sessions can be for as long as you feel necessary.
Early morning and evening appointments are usually available
I will help you talk about your difficulties when you feel ready to do so. A very important element of counselling is that you work at your own pace.

Andy Gray Counselling

Advice and Support in Kent

How much will it cost?

Fees are generally £50 for ongoing personal therapy but I try to accommodate each client’s personal financial circumstances based on a sliding scale.


The initial appointment will last one hour. You will be encouraged to talk about the difficulties which are leading you to seek counselling now. I will help you to explore how you feel and whether counselling may be helpful.

If you subsequently accept an offer for counselling, regular weekly sessions will be arranged between us.

  • "I went to see Andy in 2016, whilst going through a difficult period in my life. I had previously had counselling over twenty years ago and had found the process and experience unfulfilling and unhelpful at the time. Due to this, I went to see Andy with reservations and doubts as to how he could help, but went with an open mind. Andy’s warm and friendly manner, along with the feeling I was in a safe environment, helped me feel relaxed and comfortable in his sessions. Andy is an excellent listener and is very open to how the sessions are structured, depending how you feel at the time. Andy helped me massively with a number of issues I was facing mentally by providing me with his experience and the tools to help deal with these. By the end our sessions I felt I had had found a friend rather than a counsellor and would strongly recommend him to friends and family if they were looking for someone. Thanks again Andy for helping me through a difficult time and changing my outlook on life."


  • "I have been having counselling sessions with Andy for 3 maybe 4 years and it has been one of the best decisions in my life. At first I was sceptical, imagining like so many films depict, me lying on a sofa while what I say gets assessed. But that is far from the truth; Andy provides a friendly, light safe space to share whatever you feel comfortable with, listens to every word you say with consideration and respect and provides ways to change the way you look at things so that then the things you look at change. Andy has helped me through, and work through so much. I have come a long way from the person I was before counselling and I am very grateful to him for all his help. And above all Andy is just a decent, authentic human being. I would definitely recommend!"


  • "Andy helped me tremendously in 2012 to really see things from different perspectives. He is a fantastic listener and has a way of encouraging you to relax , be comfortable and do not be afraid as you are not alone .
    There are no right or wrong answers to any of the difficult situations we face . If you open up , ( which is harder for some than others) you will over time feel your burden ease .
    I am certain without Andys help and encouragement the mountains I faced in my life would have remained unconquerable. You may slip and that’s ok just don’t be afraid to ask your ( forgive me ) Andy guide for help .
    Thanks again Andy."


  • "Andy offers time, space and compassion in a wholly non-judgmental environment. This is not just a job for Andy, he is genuinely interested in and concerned for his clients, and is not afraid to show it. In my experience, he goes above and beyond the call of duty to achieve a positive outcome, and that can only be because he truly cares about the people he meets.

    Andy is not the kind of counsellor who will hide behind theories; rather, he's the friend with whom you want to enjoy a reflective drink within a few times of meeting. Pragmatic and trustworthy, yet highly knowledgeable, I always felt that Andy had a plan, no matter what topic of discussion I might need to talk about."


  • "I thoroughly recommend Andy. If you are even remotely considering giving counselling a go, I strongly suggest you try it for yourself. Andy provides a safe space to talk through what’s going on, and it can be such a help. He is a skilled counsellor who has made a profound positive impact on the direction of my life. Thank you Andy!"

    Sarah Louise

  • "Andy's guidance, advice and above all else kindness helped me through a very difficult time in my life and I am so very grateful."


  • "Andy has helped me more than I could have hoped! I have met with Andy professionally on a number of occasions, without him guiding me I'm not sure I would have got through certain areas in my life! This time last year I never dreamt I'd be in the happy/healthy position I am now! Thank you Andy!"


  • "Thanks to Andy I was able to leave my room and be able to do more, focusing more on what's around me rather than in my head. Of course I do still has my own issues, but if it wasn't for this and the dedication of Andy then I don't think I would have left my room."


How to make an appointment?

Your first step should be to telephone, email or text me to arrange an appointment.

You can phone me on: 07821871221 where you can provide me with a few details as to why you’re considering therapy and I can explain the service more to you. We can then arrange an assessment appointment. Please leave a message if no one is available to answer your call.

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